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Every client has different needs with Hawaii real estate. Our mission is to deliver Hau'oli (happiness) to our clients through Hawaii real estate.

We can help you buy, sell or manage your Hawaii property in any size

Looking to buy or sell Oahu property?  Perhaps need someone fluent in both Japanese and English?  Look no further, Oceans can help you with any residential real estate needs including property management.

Do you own a land larger than 5,000 sqf in Honolulu?   You could qualify to build an apartment that is up to 100 units with no or very little down using a construction loan from a local bank.

We specialize in multi family apartments. Buy, Sell or Build a brand new apartment
With Oceans' strong tie to Japanese investors, we can help you sell your business, hotel or large real estate.

Do you have large real estate such as hotel or an apartment to sell?  Or do you have a business in Hawaii to sell?  At Oceans we have a large list of Japanese investors, an individual to a listed company, who are always looking for an opportunity in Hawaii.

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We can help you with residential, commercial and business deals in Oahu, Hawaii
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