Breaking Ground at 1427 Ernest Street – Bill 7 Development

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Dive into Oceans' exciting journey as we embark on our inaugural Bill 7 development project at 1427 Ernest Street. From securing the lot to breaking ground alongside esteemed community leaders, follow our progress as we shape vibrant, sustainable spaces that enrich lives and foster a strong sense of community. Join us as we pave the way for a brighter future, one project at a time.

Embarking on a new development project is always a thrill, and here at Oceans’ group company, Oceans Capital, we’re ecstatic to announce a major milestone: the kickoff of our first Bill 7 development venture at 1427 Ernest Street. This achievement stands as a testament to months of meticulous planning, dedication, and the unwavering support of our community partners. We were honored to have esteemed guests join us as we took this exciting leap forward.

Securing the Lot

It began with the strategic acquisition of the lot in 2021, laying the groundwork for what would become our inaugural Bill 7 project. This lot had been previously attempted for development by its former owner, but it was never completed. We encountered some challenges with unfinished retaining walls; however, we were able to work around them and develop what later became the blueprint for our Bill 7 apartment design.

A Year of Preparation

With the land secured, we dedicated the following year to thorough planning and preparation. Every aspect, from architectural design to financing, was carefully considered to ensure our vision for the development aligned with our mission—to create spaces that enhance lives and foster community.

Breaking Ground

The pivotal moment arrived in December 2022 when we officially broke ground on the Bill 7 development project at 1427 Ernest Street. It marked the beginning of the transformation of the land into a vibrant, sustainable community asset.

Honored Guests

We were privileged to host distinguished guests at the groundbreaking ceremony, including Mayor Blangiardi, Council Members Calvin Say and Tyler Delos Santos Tam, and Managing Director Mike Fornby. Together, we symbolically launched this transformative endeavor, underscoring our shared commitment to community-driven development.

Looking Ahead

The groundbreaking of our Bill 7 project represents a significant stride for Oceans and underscores our dedication to community growth. We’re thrilled about the positive impact this project will have on our neighborhood and the opportunities it will provide for our residents.

Stay Tuned – As we continue to build and nurture this project, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey as we strive to create quality spaces and foster a strong sense of community.

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